Common Driver Errors and Negligence

Frequently, the driver of the vehicle which struck you will certainly have contributed to the accident cause in some ways. Below are a few common ways in which drivers can cause car accidents:

Drunk driving is a serious issue. If a person chose to drive when intoxicated and you get injured because of it, then you can hold that person responsible with our lawyers’ assistance.

We will collect evidence against the drunk driver and ask their insurance company for compensation by filing a claim for your injuries, losses, and damages incurred as a result of the accident.

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, and lots of people think that it is acceptable to utilize these phones which they are driving. This is not at all acceptable and it leads to numerous injuries each year in car accidents.

Using GPS, texting, and engaging in other distractions can be entitled to getting compensation if they lead to your injuries. We can help you claim against distracted drivers.

It looks that when the drivers believe that they can easily get away they speed. Irrespective of how clear the road is or how much hurry the driver is in, speeding isn’t at all good and against the law. Seeding is a major cause of car accidents.

Speeding drivers need to be held financially accountable and our car accident lawyers can help you with just that.

Best Car Accident Lawyers Kansas City

If you require compensation following a car accident, work with our expert car accident lawyers.

Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City

The high traffic volume on most of the major roadways, particularly during the commuting hours, makes car accidents even more expected. If you or a dear one has been seriously injured in a car accident, contact Car Accident Attorney Kansas City for experienced car accident attorneys as quickly as probable who will listen carefully to your accident case and offer you with advices regarding your legal rights and available remedies under the law, to assist provide you with general understanding about the ways a car accident claim is handled. Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City MO understands how hard can it be to cope with recovering from serious car accident while handling the insurance companies, thus we are available to help you out in the best way possible.

Determining a Car Accident Claim
Firstly, it is imperative to determine whether somebody has a feasible claim for recovery or not. To recover against other driver, it should be established that other driver was “careless.” It must be established that other driver acted unjustly under the situations, like by running red lights or failing down to observe another traffic rule of the roads.

When somebody works with Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer, they’ll apply their resources and skills to inspect their client’s car accident case to assist determine who was actually at fault and, then, how they may go on assembling a successful car accident claim.

Recoverable Damages
Instead, if it may be established that other driver was careless and our client wasn’t careless, they are then entitled to recover financial damages. The law allows people who had been injured in car accidents by the carelessness of another person or party to recover financial damages from negligent party, which might include compensation or reimbursement for property damages, future and past medical costs, future and past lost wages, future and past pain and sufferings, and permanent injuries, if any.

Contributory Negligence
Unfortunately for the plaintiffs in many car accident cases, some states still adhere to the contributory negligence rule. What it means is that in case somebody did anything to give to their car accident, they are then barred from prevailing a claim.

This is a part of the reasons why it’s very important to quickly consult with experienced Kansas City Car Accident Attorney before talking with any insurance adjuster, as many adjusters will just try to get somebody to confess to having done anything wrong to deny their accident claim.

Getting You Justice

We fight against the insurance companies

Whether it is the negligent driver’s insurance company or your insurance company, our lawyers can handle the matter for you. Most insurance companies show that they work for the client’s benefits.

Get The Most From Your Accident Claim

While creating your case, our car accident lawyers will be accountable for calculating the worth of your car accident claim. No matter how small your damages are, we leave no stone unturned and then determine the worth of your claim.

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    What Should You Expect after a Car Accident?
    Usually, following a car accident, negligent driver’s insurer contacts the injured person and tries to reach to a settlement contract. Ordinarily, the adjuster will make settlement offer quickly in exchange for release. Even if settlement offer looks reasonable, remember that signing the release will probably extinguish somebody’s car accident claim forever.

    Known that the insurer’s main work is to save money for their company, it is frequently in an individual’s best interests to contact Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer’s qualified car accident lawyers who can easily take them through insurance process and assist them to reach the most positive settlement probable.

    Statute of Limitation
    Finally, it is vital to act quickly if an individual or their dear one has been seriously injured in car accident given statue of limitation. What it means is that in case they don’t settle their car accident claim or else file a lawsuit in a stated time period, typically two years from the accident date, they are barred forever from bringing their accident claim.

    How Car Accident Lawyer Kansas City Can Help?

    Our accomplished Car Accident Attorney Kansas City are dedicated to getting the most favorable possible settlements for all their clients. So, in case of a car accident, get in touch with us right away.

    Common Car Accident Causes

    Car accidents are quite devastating. They can lead to serious injuries, permanent disability, and even death. Many instances can lead to car accidents. But a few major ones are:

    Distracted Driving

    Adjusting the radio, loud music, use of mobile phone, and other similar distractions can lead to car accidents of serious levels.


    Speeding is another most common cause of car accidents which can make the driver lose control at times resulting in a crash.

    Driver Fatigue

    Thousands of car accidents that occur every year are a result of the involvement of a driver who is very tired while driving.

    Impaired Driving

    Thousands of accidents take place due to a driver who is driving under the influence of prescription or over the counter medication or drugs.

    Manufacturer Defects

    Many times, the defect of a vehicle’s part becomes the cause behind the car accident and lead to severe injuries.

    Bad Road Conditions

    At times, the government is responsible for car accidents if the road was not safe due to missing street lamps, deep potholes, debris, etc.